Guang Ming College

Guang Ming College (2014) (GMC) is the fifth member of the Fo Guang Shan International University Consortium, and the first in the Philippines. Founded by the late Ven. Master Hsing Yun, the consortium established universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and USA. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality of humanistic education and experience towards the well-rounded development of socially responsible and accountable professionals for societal transformation.  

GMC provides full scholarships to students enrolled in the three programs offered: BA Buddhist Studies, BPA Dance, and BPA Theater. Currently, the school has 130 students, 11 full-time, and 11 part-time faculty members.

Central to its education mandate is Life Education which builds culture makers, scientists and professionals that not only meet local and foreign industry needs, but train them to serve a civic purpose: to engage in praxis and participate meaningfully in public life.

Educational praxis creates a world that is liveable and humane, with students having learned from critical praxis or critical and reflective thinking as one of our alternative pedagogic tools – scholars and graduates from GMC are trained to think and produce solutions for human problems, in the interest of building the integrity and resources of communities. 

Through performance, human science and cultural research, praxis or reflective inquiry taught in the classroom, in our partnerships outside the college and all our activities, we raise students who are equipped in both  science and the arts, grounded in makataong (humane) agham (science), capable of applying this in work life; ready to take on the world. 

Course Offered

Bachelor of  Performing Arts in Dance


The Dance Program cultivates professional Filipino dance artists and scholars through a comprehensive curriculum in dance performance, choreography, theory, pedagogy and creative research. Students take up courses on Dance Technique, Philippine and Asian Dances, History, Composition and Improvisation, Pedagogy, Dance and Technology, and other complementary courses that engage diverse approaches and perspectives, and encourage the bridging and integration of theory and practice in creative and scholarly work. Informed by Humanistic Buddhism and Life Education, the Dance Program nurtures Filipino artists who advocate for social transformation through critical, creative and innovative dance, dance-making and scholarship. 

Bachelor of  Performing Arts in Theater


The Theatre program is designed to nurture 21st century scholars and culture-bearers who grasp the multidisciplinary nature of theatre as well as its historical legacies and contemporary challenges, informed by Humanistic Buddhism and Life Education. Students are trained to develop a collaborative spirit nourished in both praxis and scholarship. 

The Theatre program is taught by both young and experienced Filipino Contemporary artists for theatre, film and television, which includes courses on Acting Technique, Asian Theatre, Directing, Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Stagecraft and other cognate courses that cultivate the students to become innovative and transformational artists.

Bachelor of  Human Services

The Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies transforms learners into young Filipino professionals with deep compassion and cultivated self – awareness. The Buddhist Studies program ensures a graduate that is imbued with Life Education virtues, skills and humanistic thinking. The courses gravitate around the core teachings of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, applied in the diverse aspects of life. The program is the college degree embodiment of Life Education.

Bachelor in Sports Science


The Sports Science program is designed to give students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of sports, exercise, health, physical activity and recreation from the perspective of sciences. Throughout the programme, students will study the science behind safe participation and effective performance in physical activity and sport.


In the News

Performing Arts Groups

Dharma Theatre Ensemble (DTE) is the official Theatre group of Guang Ming College. DTE is the training ground for Theatre majors to become artists and culture-bearers who embody the multidisciplinary nature of theatre in a practice grounded in the principles and discipline of performance-making. See more..

Guang Ming Dance Project (GMDP) is the official dance group of Guang Ming College, and is the training ground for dance majors to embody and perform a wide range of dance genres from its ever growing repertoire of works that bridge humanistic values, cultural traditions, contemporary dance techniques, and  See more..

Guang Ming Harmonies is Guang Ming College’s official ensemble of singers and the pioneer jazz show choir in the Philippines. under the baton of Juan Paolo Llantino, GMH aims to become an exceptional singing group through honing its members in singing, dancing, acting, pedagogy, and creation.    See more..

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